The Drawings and the Drawing-A-Day Challenge

A Sample Drawing...

As a working artist, it is important that I spend time each day practicing my drawing skills. If you don’t practice all the time your chops get rusty and your confidence wanes. It is so easy to put it off for another day.

I needed to practice more consistently, so I decided to challenge myself to do a drawing every day. To put a few teeth into the challenge, I started sending out each drawing early in the morning via email to a group of friends and acquaintances. I knew that if those folk didn’t receive their daily drawing on time I was sure to hear about it.

Since I started the Drawing-A-Day email list on November 27, 2011, the list has grown longer with more people participating and, other than for a few traveling holidays I have managed to do my daily drawing.

My original intention was to do a drawing a day for a year, but by the end of that year I was still having fun with the project and, more importantly, I could tell that my drawing skills had improved. The only way to keep that progress happening is to keep on drawing.  



Copyright ©Moira Carlson

The Reproductions

Several people on my email list asked me if I could make a reproduction available of their favourite drawing. My initial response was “Yes...but.” I didn’t want to produce reproductions of the drawings unless I was sure that they would be of sufficiently high quality. I researched the possibilities and discovered that I could re-scan the original image at a much higher resolution than I use for email or the web and then present that scan to my local fine art digital printing firm. They then use archival quality pigment-based inks on a lovely 100% cotton rag fine art paper, Canson Edition Etching Rag, to produce a fine art quality reproduction.

My drawings are all of a similar size since each is a page in my sketchbook. They easily translate into an 8 inch x 10 inch reproduction on an 8 and ½ inch by 11 inch paper for ease of mounting and framing. Please go to “Purchase” for additional information on obtaining your fine art print.



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